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GSD Gen 2
Bosch E Cargo Bike

$ 5399.00 to
$ 6499.00

GSD R14 $ 9299.00

We deliver to St Louis - Indianapolis
Pickup as well

  • buttery smooth E Bike
  • The best Cargo E bike
GSD Accessories

Please call me 800 222 8356 as the GSD are mostly sold out.
But sometimes we can do miracles.

In General S 10 400 and 900 watt will be back April/May 2022 !!!

S 10 LX ( 500 and 1000 watts ) Dragon fruit color September 2021

S 00 LX all models back in November 2021

R 14 Forge Grey 1000 watts Back in October 2021

currently I can get S1- LX school bus yellow in 500 ( $5499.00) and 1000 watts ( $6299.00)

All around the world, the way we get from A to B is changing. With the world on the cusp of auto mobility, ride sharing, and the mainstream arrival of electric vehicles, its an exciting moment for transportation. To help drive this force of change, we developed the worlds most compact Bosch driven CARGO electric bike.

Fits easily on buses and subways for electric multi modal commuting
Resizes in seconds to fit riders 147 to 195 cm (4 10 to 6 5) so a single bike can be shared by the family
German engineered Bosch Active electric drivetrain the industry leader in electric bike technology
Valo lighting system, with 150 lumens of power, for 24 hour visibility
Rear Cargo Rack works seamlessly with the Yepp Maxi Easyfit child seat for carrying kids, actually it fits 2 of them

General Info

Bosch Cargo Drive Unit

Adapted from Boschs German engineered automotive applications, the Cargo Drive Unit can take you up to 25 km per hour (20 mph in the U.S.) and operates dependably day in and day out. Its high performance electronics, whisper quiet operation, and low levels of vibration are remarkable especially given the lightweight, ergonomic design.

Bosch PowerPack Battery
Feather light powerhouse
This impressive high energy, high power cell carries 500 Wh. or in the double version a mind boggling 1000 Wh. The best in-class design charges fast from zero in only 2.5 to 3.5 hours, and lets you ride longer and further between charges. You will be impressed by its long lifespan, light weight, and ease of charging.