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Moulton Bikes

Really ?
yes really, you can custom order your Moulton from ThorUSA. We will oversee the production of your custom or semi custom bike. Of course when you choose a model which is in stock there is no waiting time.
Why Moultons ? Well, its a long story, but I will try to make it short.
Several hundred years ago, when I was 14 years old, my english teacher ( a real prick ) told my parents that I will never be able to speak or understand the english language.

My parents send me to summer school in the beautiful town of Torquay. Everybody who ever was in Torquay will know that our British friends down there are hardly understandable, but I digress.

The summer school was a hit and miss. Very quickly it was decided to rather venture out, go to the movies and other fine entertainments. The bicycle I found in my guest parents shed was somewhat strange, it got me around pretty well though. Even the cobblestones and forest paths were no problem, partly due to that funky ballsuspension behind the bottom bracket, partly cause it just a cool bike.

I was had no idea at the time what this bike was or didnt know anything about it. Just that after I spend half a day cleaning it and fix two tubes, that the ride was comfortable yet swift and without the "cumbersome heavyness" of the Columbia take apart bike I was used to ride at home in Germany.
Good Times

Contact me if you are interested in a Moulton. I will check whats available and / or take your custom order as long as you are willing to wait a long time.

Oh... I got some emails about calling a teacher a prick. Well... although there are a lot of very good teachers out there, this one is/was a prick and I would tell him into his face.

And yes.... its my second language after all, so I make mistakes. But most of my customers prefer an accent and grammar mistakes, rather than a sloppy set up bike, or attitude when dealing with them buying a "clownbike" like in so many other shops.

Just in case you want perfect english, here an email copied and pasted, you can fix all the mess above :

I was reading this page on Moulton bikes:

with the story about the English teacher who was "a real prick" who told
your parents that you would "never be able to speak or understand the
english language". Ironically, I found the following
spelling/grammatical/typo errors in this mini-essay:

"my english teacher" should be "my English teacher"
"My parents send me to summer school" should be "My parents sent me to summer school"
"I found in my guest parents shed" should be "I found in my guest parents' shed"
"ballsuspension" should be "ball-suspension"
"partly cause it just a cool bike" should be "partly because it was just a cool bike"
"I was had no idea at the time" should be "I had no idea at the time"
"cleaning it and fix two tubes" should be "cleaning it and fixing two tubes"
"heavyness" should be "heaviness"
"I was used to ride at home in Germany" should be "I was used to riding at home in Germany"

My apologies if English is not your native language. Whether these errors were for effect or by accident, they lessen your authority as a Moulton representative. It was painful for me to read this page. My wife, an English major, would be confused why someone (competent) hadn't proof read this page and other pages on your site before publishing them. I humbly suggest that you correct at least these errors. Consider having someone proof-read other text as need.