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ThorUSA custom Fender Set

ThorUSA exclusive !
We now offer a German made SKS fender set for all folding bikes.
Now in wide or narrow !!!

Update: We now also have wide ones in silver !!!

Choose the narrow version ( P 45 which actually measures more like 43 mm width ) Extensive tests have shown that the water runs up on the sides of the wheel and than accumulates in the center, where it sprays upwards. Meaning that a narrower fender will protect you at least 95% as well. I find that a narrower fender looks better than a wide one. But fortunately taste is a personal thing.

OEM fenders are 43 mm wide, the narrow ThorUSA version is also 43 mm wide.
The WIDE version is wider or 53 mm.
They will work great with all 406 tires up to 20 x 1.75 for the narrow version or the WIDE ones for the big apples tires 20.2.00

These fenders are a bit longer than the OEM fenders, but come without those tiny cosmetic mudflaps the OEM or Tern aftermarket fenders have.

Maybe the biggest difference is that they come with 4 pcs of V stays, or the holding power of 8 (!) single stays. It maybe considered over engineered, but with V stays the fenders are rock solid. The front ones even have the secure clip. Which should prevent a fall if the tire picks up a branch and said branch wants to roll up the fender behind the front fork, with the secure clip it simply unsnaps and most of the danger is adverted.

Talking about installation :
This is not a 5 min deal. You will need to mount all the stays and mark them for correct length, than take them off the bike and cut every single stay. ( best if you use a file, score the stainless steel stay, and bend back and forth until it breaks, if you have a Dremel tool, you can do it while the stays are mounted on the bike )
Its not too complicated but it will take a little time to do it neat.
But the results are well worth it.

Only $33.00

ThorUSA exclusive Custom SKS fender set

These are CUSTOM fender sets, front and rear fender, V-stays. Rock solid performers
choose from Narrow for tires up to 20x 1.75 or WIDE for even the biggest Big Apples 20x 2.00

Click for actual pictures:


SKS long Mudflap

Wooohhooooo we got Fender Flaps from Germany.
These are extralong flaps which can be added to all the sks fenders, replace the shorty ones, or add them if you dont have any flaps on yours at all.
You will need to drill a small hole into the centerof the fender, than you push the provided expansion Pin through the flap and fender, secure it with a washer, and you are done.

Use the wide version for all wide ThorUSA Custom fender sets, and the narrow ones for original Tern and Dahon fenders.
Get two for front and rear, for total protection :-)

Mud flap