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older Boardwalk Conversion Set

click on the small pics above to get a larger one
Older Boardwalks have a quill stem and a one piece handlebar
Those handlebars are very hard to find, and dont offer any height adjustment, besides they are pretty heavy

Here come the solution how to upgrade to the newer Radius 3 or 5 Handlepost

First pic :This is similar to the handlepost you have in your bike. There are other ones with the top handlebar being welded on as well.

Second pic: insert the sleeve which comes with the adapter if your steerer tube is 1 1/8 diameter, if you have an older Boardwalk with 1 inch steerer tube you will not need the sleeve.

Third pic : here is the insert all the way inside the steerer tube

Fouth pic : here the adapter itself

Fith pic : insert adapter into the sleeve, picture shows it about 3/4 down, push it all the way down, before you tighten the 6 mm allen bolt, which will tighten the quill at the end.

Second row : First pic : slide the radius 3 or 5 (5 shown) over the top of the adapter and tigthen the setscrew on the side of the handlepost.

Second row : Sixth pic : voila. ready !

Second row : Seventh pic : I used a non height adjustable T handlepost, of course the short Jetstream will work also, and most likely a two part adjustable handlepost is the way to go for most. Find them on my "handlebar page"

Stem Quill adapter

comes with shim to work in either 1 inch steerer tube or later 1-1/8 steerer tube. Steerer tube is the upper part of the fork.

Quill stem adapter