Corsair 28 R

Team Thor Charity work

First ever sail out with the "new" boat

Kentucky Lake Trip

Team Thor Charity work

We bought our boat through Don Wigston one of the best Corsair dealers in the country. Corsairs are complex vessels, it is assuring if you buy from a real Pro who knows what they are all about. Go to his website and email him, he will find you a boat as well.

pickup in North Carolina and trip to the Monster Garage in southern Illinois

Let the work begin. Lee is installing a boarding ladder. The scratched up motorcover needs attention.
After an appropiate ceremony the new name gets applied

The worn ablative paint needs to go badly, surprise a second layer of blue stuff underneath.
I used a stripper from Franmar. Franmar

I used about a gallon. Its easy and works well. The first layer of ablative paint just soaked in and could be removed with a spatula. this worked well, but a second blue coat was rather stubborn and was not coming off. After wiping the blue remmants with a paint thinner solution, most of it came off the hull.
However, a light blue film remained. Back to the old elbowgrease method. With 400 grid wet sandpaper and liberal amounts of scratch remover polish, the hulls finally got back to original white.
More wet sanding with 600 grid paper and liberal amounts of gloss polish will make the hulls almost as shiny as new again.

Wanna bet the wife knows the difference between 400 and 1000 grid sandpaper ?

After the floats ( or amas as some people call them ) were done, the boats starts "floating". Dont you love all them pallets, holding the boat while working on the main hull.

Why making a galvanized trailer, but than use absolute junk to mount the bunks ? The cheap bolts and angleplates were rusted to the consistency of paper. Bothers me when companies like FE Trailer skimps on such mundane bits and pieces. Now all is well, however.

Radio CD Payer. We need them battle songs!
Radio is easy accessible from the bed, or from the cabin.
I didnt want to cut up the boat for the speakers. Cutting boards from Walmart are doing the trick in the forward cubby holes.

Team Thor's favourite after race drink :
Thors Hammer Vodka
found some Thors Hammer rubber bar pads. they should work fine on the step.

A place to store the short rudder extension

I didnt want to mount the solar cell on the lift top. It makes the top more difficult to raise and more important I know somebody will step on it and break it. Fabricated a frame which bolts on the rear pulpit.
The frame also houses the lifeline which is easily accessible and deployable from the cockpit. Idea is to keep everything out of the way. Practice will show if the location works good or if we need to find other solutions.

Winch covers from Indy Canvas I paid around 80 dlr ( incl shipping) for 5 covers. They look good and have an elastic inside to hold them tight. Very good deal, check em out !

Coming from a Mono I will have to learn complete new angles to sail fast Velocitek S 10 This little Gem shows the actual speed, but more important calculates the fastes VMG and shows the fastest way to get to the next mark. I have velcro on the top and on both sides of the main hull ( to be able to see it from the nets)
I Will make an update whenever the boat is sailing and I can try it out in real life
Update : Somehow the switches are counter productive or they do not work? They are difficult to "set" prior to a race and more than once the VMG was off... Expensive GPS Speed gadget.

The Admiral using lots of polish to get the hulls shiny

This is how a Dahon Curve 3 ( 16 inch with 3 internal gears ) fits into the amas of the Corsair. Obviously one need to put down some foam to protect the boat.
I am pretty sure that actually two bikes fit into one amas. I was surprised ow easy it fits. The other place is to put it into an ElBolso Bag and store it under the cockpit floor.

Summer 07 we made a trip to Kentucky Lake, we had a great time exploring new crusing grounds. It made us appreciate the mastrasing/lowering and self launching of the boat.
It also showed us that our 6 cyl Jeep was not up to snuff to pull the boat ( safely) over any longer distance. ( it works great for short distance or launching)
We tastet blood traveling with our boat and made plans for 08 ... a new towing vehicle needed to be found.
We settled on an Airstream B 190 Ford V 10.... pulled the boat and it is a dream . Long Wheelbase and sheer weight is key when towing any F boat. Its not so much the weight as our boats are light, but the huge area you are pulling behind you going down the highway.

To make things even smoother we bought the only weight distribution hitch which also works with surge brakes. The Equal-i-zer folks also make an adapter which allows to mount the weight distribution hitch to a boat trailer.
Expect to pay in the neighborhood of 700 dlr for a hitch and weight bar. ( Check Ebay offerings for better deals )

With some Corsairs the Sprit has to be pushed out by hand and even past the sleeve to line up the hole ...Now we have a nice pulley system and endplug from the hardware store.

Best Race of 07 : The Great Race hosted by Carlyle Yacht Club. Its a distance race and the wind was blowin. We received line honors and second place after PHRF numbers were added up.... absolutely had a ball !!! The non spinnaker boats startet 20 Min earlier and provided great entertainment passing them going 20 knots...

Favourite Sailing Video
this is what the darkside is all about ! Trimaran Sailing

halyard jumping in the bvi's


Team Thor Charity work

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