folding bicycles
Seatclamp 33.9 mm Carbon lever

57 grams
Bling factor

Carbon lever


Turtleneck Seatpost clamp.
Red,Blue,Green,Orange, comes with Nifty set screw, 65 grams, 41 mm dia, fits alloy framed Dahon, Tern and many others

Seatpost Clamp

Handlebar Quick Release

Quick release clamp for your handlebar.
Blue,Green comes with Nifty set screw, 65 grams, 41 mm dia, fits Dahon, Tern and many others

Handlebar Clamp

Handlepost Quick Release

If you have a Dahon adjustable Handlepost this is the upgrade for you .
Black,Silver,Red,Blue,Green,Gold, comes with Nifty set screw

Handlepost adjustment Clamp

Tern 100 mm Fork

fits Dahon as well

140 mm steel steerer tube.
This is a full steel fork, heavy duty strong. For Disc brakes. Has the braze ons for fenders and lowrider, a nifty cableguide for the disc brake cable, International standard disc brake mount and a holder for the magnet. This fork has a 100 mm old ( over locknut dimension) and hence works with regular front hubs. This fork was developed in Switzerland and is the perfect upgrade for loaded touring or simply if you wish to add a powerful disc brake to your bike.
ThorUSA is the exclusive seller in the USA for this fork and we had to twist a couple arms to get them for you.

Made for us Tern

Tern HD 100 mm Fork

Carbon Handlebar

Carbon Handlebar 560 mm wide, 25.4
Wanna win the next Folder Race ? Get one NOW !

weight 130 grams

Made for us by Control Tech

Carbon Handlebar
Alloy Handlebar

Alloy 7075 Handlebar 560 mm wide, 25.4
Good quality steering control.

weight 140 grams

Made for us by Control Tech

Alloy Handlebar
ThorUSA exclusive Custom SKS fender set

These are CUSTOM fender sets, front and rear fender, V-stays. Rock solid performers
WIDE for even the biggest Big Apples 20x 2.00

Click for actual pictures:

Sold out
SKS long Mudflap

Wooohhooooo we got Fender Flaps from Germany.
These are extralong flaps which can be added to all the sks fenders, replace the shorty ones, or add them if you dont have any flaps on yours at all.
You will need to drill a small hole into the centerof the fender, than you push the provided expansion Pin through the flap and fender, secure it with a washer, and you are done.

Use the wide version for all wide ThorUSA Custom fender sets
Get two for front and rear, for total protection :-)

Mud flap