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Biologic ReeCharge

The BioLogic ReeCharge offers green power to go! It is a personal power system that can charge any USB-chargeable device, including iPhones, iPods, cell phones, cameras or GPS units. It incorporates a lithium polymer battery that can be charged by wall outlet, via USB from a computer, and most importantly, any bicycle with a hub dynamo. Attached to a bicycle, the BioLogic ReeCharge captures and stores the green energy created by the magnets in the hub. Now you can use your iPhones GPS while you cycle and never worry about drained batteries again. The splash-proof silicone case and specially sealed connectors keep the ReeCharge working even if you get caught in a storm. When you finish charging the ReeCharge, just detach it from your bike, throw it in your bag, and you have reserve power on tap for all of your electronic devices. Its perfect for long bike tours when you need to keep your gadgets charged. And its also perfect for business trips; you can leave all your other gadget chargers at home; one ReeCharge will charge them all. Includes USB cable with five interchangeable tips for the most common devices.

$ 119.99

Busch and Mueller Germany

this is the cache battery you will need to re-power the I phones with the E-Werk, B&M 461A

Cache battery

Thermo Stainless Waterbottle

Vacuum FLask, Biologic Thermo Bottle, fits into regular waterbottle cages ( not included ) These are nice to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks warm

Vacuum Flask

Twofish Stainless Velcro Cage for Waterbottle

New and Improved!!! Stainless Steel Cage. Velcro fastening. Goes on and comes off instantly. Strap it anywhere!

*Suitable for all 16", 20" and 26" bikes.

Twofish Stainless Velcro Cage

alloy Cage for Waterbottle

You know what theose two holes in your frame are for ? Of course ! Its for a Waterbottle cage
we carry some silver and black alloy cages which worked well for us in the past.
Sure a Carbon one would look cool, but these simply work well, and are very affordable

Great buy, however these come without WB bolts! Please order seperately.

Alloy Waterbottle Cage

Alloy Bolt

Alloy Bolt 7075
Good Quality 7075 Alloy Waterbottle bolt, for many other uses. M4 x 180 mm

we sell them as PAIRS !!!

"Waterbottle Bolt "



The scandinavian REELIGHTS are inductive lights, which will work without any drag or any contact with the wheels. You mount the supplied magnets into the spokes, put the led powered lights under your quickrelease ( or axle-bolt ) and than you can forget about them.
They will start blinking every time your bike is in motion.
These come with long extensions and larger magnets. They will work with disc brake or Internal hub equipped bikes.

They also have a capacitor which keeps them blinking for 2 minutes after you come to a complete stop

Get safe ! SAVE some batteries ! These ROCK even more !


Busch & Mueller Germany

The best battery front light I could find.
The IXON IQ with revolutionary new IQ technology illuminates five hours long with up to 40 lux.
That is 300% brighter than German road traffic regulations require.
The IXON IQ requires rechargeable batteries (2,100 mAh), to illuminate for five hours with up to 40 lux. The 40 lux are measured at 10 metres ( 33 feet ) from the headlight, not just directly in front! With the Eco/city mode IXON can be switched down to the 10 lux output for a full 20 hours.

Although expensive this is the best light for the buck and than some. There are some out there in the 300 dlr range which are slightly nicer, but not by much. PArt Number: B&M 192 QM


Busch & Mueller Germany

Lumotec IQ CYO RT (40 lux, taller beam) New for 2011, Busch & Müller introduces "Licht 24" In daytime mode, the "T" setting on the switch, the daytime LEDs are switched on at full intensity to make the cyclist more visible to others. At the same time, the main LED or "driving light" as B&M calls it, is set to a reduced intensity.
Senso mode "S" on the switch has the daytime LEDs at full intensity during daytime, and when the sensor determines the ambient light level is low, switches to nighttime mode. The daytime LEds are dimmed somewhat, and the driving LED is at full intensity.
Although "Senso" isn't in the name, these are full "Senso" headlights, T (daytime) - Senso (day and night) - Off.
And of course, there's a standlight. Both versions use the same LEDs. The difference is in the reflector. The RT spreads out the light more, top to bottom, providing light on the road surface closer to the bike. This is helpful when riding slowly. However, it does put a bit more light close to the bike than is necessary when riding at high speeds, and this extra road illumination could be distracting when you're trying to see what you are approaching at 35mph or 40mph. This is the taller beam closer to the bike RT VERSION the absolute BEST for Commuting.
( Or old farts like me who dont go over 30 miles in the dark anyhow)

Lumotec IQ Cyo RT 24 licht

Busch & Mueller Germany

Lumotec IQ CYO T (60 lux, BRIGHT beam)
same as above, but with more Lumen and a more far away light output. This light will make you see hundreds of feet, no matter how dark.
If you are going downhill in a hurry, nothing is better that the "sporty" version of this Lumotec light.
speeding tickets not included.

Lumotec IQ Cyo T 24 licht

Sun Lite LED rear

SunLite taillight features 5-Super Bright LED's. 4 modes of 1 steady and 3 flashing.
It is made to be mounted onto a carrier with two mounting holes or center hole

Sun Lite TL-L505

` SP