folding bicycles
NEW 20 inch only Athlete

Pletscher Athlete SYSTEM
Especially for 20 inch bikes like Dahons. It comes with extra mounting hardware for a truly custom look.
4 legs Athlete rear with easy Fix "SYSTEM". This 85 lbs ( 40 KG) rated carrier has three holes which allow several Pletscher accessories to be mounted rattlefree with no tools. Check them out on the Pletscher page. Of course it works like a regular carrier as well, even has a
( rattlefree and pretty strong)
950 gr

also available in 26 inch, which will fit 24 inch bikes as well, please check on the Pletscher page, thanks

20 inch Athlete 4B Easy Fix
back in late October
Trolley rack

Transform your Tern for easy travel with the Trolley Rack. The included cover hides the bike and keeps you and other passengers grease-free. Compatible with the Link-series of Tern bicycles. Tern-patented technology.

Tow your folded Tern bike conveniently like a piece of luggage
Integrated cover protects from grease and grime
Bike seatpost and saddle function as a telescopic handle
Rack works with medium-sized side panniers and bags
Compatible with the BioLogic™ Commute™ Bag

Fits Tern Link D8, Link P9, Link P24h, Link D7i, Link P7i, and Link Uno bicycles
Capacity: 25 kg (55.1 lb)

Trolley rack


Tern Cargo rack

The Cargo Rack is a robust rear rack for 20" and 24" Tern bikes. Constructed of thick-gauge aluminum tubing with ultra-rigid DoubleTruss™ 3D design, the rack supports it all – full-sized panniers on upper or lower rails and KLICKfix™ Rackpack compatible baskets and trunk bags, such as the BioLogic Commute Bag.

Delivering 25 kg (55 lb) load capacity and Tern's unique SideStrap™ anti-roll anchoring system to keep cargo tied down securely, the Cargo Rack is Tern's strongest and most versatile rack ever.
some of thepictures show a rear light and a pannier. Both are NOT included. Nor is the bike the carrier is mounted on ( dont ask )

Rigid DoubleTruss™ 3D design

Mount full-sized panniers on upper or lower rails

Mount trunk bags or baskets to top deck with panniers on lower rails

Lower rail pannier stays keep panniers further back for greater heel clearance

KLICKfix™ Rackpack compatible top deck

Unique SideStrap™ anti-roll top deck anchor system

Adjustable height clearance

Built-in light/reflector mount with internal cable routing for powered rear light

25 kg (55 lb) load capacity

Fits 20" and 24" Tern Dahon and may other bikes

Cargo Rack


Spartan front rack

The Spartan Rack is built from large-gauge tubular aluminum for strength and stiffness and features a very low-center-of-gravity for excellent stability when loaded with panniers. The adjustable mounting system allows the rack to be fitted to both Tern 20” and 24” bicycles.Keep in mind that these do NOT fit on a Dahon or others as the Tern has the brake in the rear of the fork and a front mounted one would interfere.

•Compatible with Tern 20” and 24” bicycles
•Fits most small- to medium-size side panniers
•Capacity: 10 kg (22 lb)

Tern Spartan front rack

Portage POST rack

The Portage PostRack lets you add luggage carrying capacity quickly and conveniently whenever you need it. A quick-release mount allows for fast mounting and removal yet securely fastens the rack to the seatpost. Elastic luggage strap clips into integrated brackets to secure loads. Tail bracket allows for mounting of reflector or rear light. Rear light not included. but it comes with elastic luggage strap and rubber shim pads. Works with 40 mm dia seatposts. Black only. Weight carrying capacity 10 kg or 22 lbs.
The Biologic Portage Post Rack has the Klickfix dimensions, making the Biologic Commute Bag a perfect fit

BioLogic Portage post rack

Portage rear rack

FIts Tern and Dahon
The Portage rack uses large gauge aluminum tubing for outstanding strength and stiffness. 580 grams with Strap. The stays curve in beautiful arcs to add some flair and style to an otherwise utilitarian component. The Portage also includes a functional luggage strap that clips into sleek integrated brackets. No light included. The Portage is the new version of the older Arclite named rack.
Choose from 20 inch black and silver and 16 inch in black only.
Measurement from lower bolt to top of plattform is 12 inches. The platform is 12 inches long, 440 grams.
The Biologic Portage has the Klickfix dimensions, making the Biologic Commute Bag a perfect fit

BioLogic Portage rear rack
Back in stock

Luggage Strap

Dahon own Luggage strap, fits perfectly to the Portage and Arclite Carriers

Luggage Strap

Sun Lite LED rear

SunLite HL-L510 bicycle taillight features 5-Super Bright LED's that only uses 2 of the AAA batteries. The SunLite HL-L510 has 2 modes of steady and flashing.
It is made to be mounted onto the seat post along with belt clip.
also has a nifty extra permanent mounting bracket to mount on Dahon/Tern/BioLogic and Pletscher Carriers Best of all, the SunLite HL-510 bicycle taillight is water-resistant.

Sun Lite 510
Tern/Dahon fenders,Pair

SKS produces the finest mudguards in the world in their Sundern, Germany factory. The Tern Dahon Special Edition Mini 20 mudguards are customized for Tern or Dahon's 20 inch wheel bikes and are made from their nearly indestructible chromeplastic material, adjustable stainless steel stays, and stainless hardwear.
They are roughly 45 mm wide, same as the ThorUSA exclusive NARROW version.
These also will fit bikes which come standard with Big Apple tires.( albeit a little tricky assembly to get clearance ). However, the WIDE ThorUSA exclusive fenders will work better with Big Apples

Tern/Dahon fenders, Pair

ThorUSA exclusive Custom SKS fender set

These are CUSTOM fender sets, front and rear fender, V-stays, plus one extra single stay. Rock solid performers
choose from Narrow for tires up to 20x 1.75 or WIDE for even the biggest Big Apples 20x 2.00
Now we also offer the wide version in silver !

Click for actual pictures:



Color: Black
Great Set, front and rear from SKS, made especially for small wheeled bikes in the 20 and 24 inch range.
the radius is somewhat a little large, I think with 451 wheels or even 24 inchers, these will look phantastic, but they will work with regular 20 inch wheels

SKS Rowdy 20/24 inch Set
SKS Mudmax mudguard

Color: Black

SKS mudmax mudguard
sks xtradry rear mudguard

Color: Black

SKS xtradry rear mudguard
SKS long Mudflap

Wooohhooooo we got Fender Flaps from Germany.
These are extralong flaps which can be added to all the sks fenders, replace the shorty ones, or add them if you dont have any flaps on yours at all.
You will need to drill a small hole into the centerof the fender, than you push the provided expansion Pin through the flap and fender, secure it with a washer, and you are done.

Use the wide version for all wide ThorUSA Custom fender sets, and the original Tern and Dahon fenders.
Get two for front and rear, for total protection :-)

Mud flap