folding bicycles
CAREFULL you are entering the "Garage Sale" area ....dont trip over boxes or bikes


Curl I8

Curl I 8 with a couple scratches
Here is your chance to get a 35 th Ani version of the Curl I8 , yes it has a couple of light scratches but you save 350 dlr !
Of course full Dahon warranty on this one as well.

Dahon Curli8


Great buy

Link A 7

New but beaten up shipping box, nothing wrong with the bike though.
Got a bike back from a customer whose address was not to be found by the fed ex truck

Tern Link A 7



Mu N 360

Last one of the Mu N 360
This bike was used for Photos and has been ridden maybe 2 miles. Its adjusted perfectly and ready to go out of the box ( install one pedal !)
Of course full Dahon warranty on this one as well.
The infinite gearing with the NuVinci hub is awesome

Independent test with lots pictures

Dahon Mu N 360



we have ONE Dahon Kids bike !

Its a Balance bike, than a regular bike with training wheels ( if needed after the balance bike, most likely not ) and than with a simple turn of a wrench it becomes a regular bike
Kickback coaster brake.
alloy frame
This bike rocks even if it does not fold !

Balance and Pedal Dahon



Quix D 8

This bike has no carrier and no rear fender AND a plodge of paint missing on the top tube.
having no carrier makes rolling it a small challenge

Dahon Quix no carrier


Full size


Dahon Jack, robust 8 speed full size folder, excellent parts on this bike
Small frame size of 16 inch

Dahon Jack S


Mini Bike


Dahon Minibike, 20 inch wheels, big bike feel ( just much faster )
this is the highly sought after folding version. Its a couple years old but never used or unpacked. Regular price today would be around 1600 dlr for this awesome bike

Its a medium size, 16 inch frame

Dahon Smoothound


Collector Item

Speed Coca Cola

Dahon One of a kind. Huge collector value as only very few were ever made.
Speed P 8 , crmo frame, Big Apples, Seatpost Pump, All alloy Crankset

Big Detail Pictures

Dahon Coca Cola


Dahon Demo/Showbike Sale

Dahon Jifo

Dahon Jifo 1 speed, 16 inch supercompact fold regular price $800. Special price $649.00. But this one has been used for a photoshoot never been ridden, rear fender has scratches The crazy deal on this one ? Only 500.00



Dahon Demo/Showbike Sale

Dahon Mariner 2018 model

Dahon Mariner D8. This bike doesnt want to stand up when folded. ( if you just unfold a couple degrees it will be ok of course.
Nothing else wrong with it, rides nice, solid bike



Dahon Demo/Showbike Sale

Dahon Mariner polished

Dahon Mariner, this bike is a couple years old , never used ! Its the "old" no longer available polished alloy version.

Mariner 2017


Dahon Demo/Showbike Sale

Bullhead Mini folding, 7 speed IGH

Dahon folding Mini Bike Bullhead. 7 speed Shimano integrated hub gears, New, never ridden, never unpacked ( well until today )
awesome chance to get some of these highly sought after mini bikes from the recent past

Medium frame size
Big Detail Pictures

Dahon Bullhead


Dahon Demo/Showbike Sale

Ritchey steel take apart frame. bike never ridden. cant find any scratches, but it has lost its new bike smell :-(
Tires maybe not as fresh as I would like.
select Medium or Large frame option

regular price was 2899... wow... you save

Big Detail Pictures

Frame geometry

Dahon Flo


Kinetix Pro X Aero Wheelset

Kinetix Pro X Aero Wheelset front and rear with Capreo sprocket 9 - 26.
This wheelset is new and ready to go with quickreleases and the awesome Capreo cassette !
Its on the flagship Tern Verge X18 bike which sells for 2300.00 dlr
Rims feature an exclusive alloy composition, a tall 42 mm, wind-cutting 42 mm profile, and ultra-strong welded construction.
Paired Spoke™ Technology Paired Spoke lacing in the front wheel allows us to use fewer spokes at much higher tensions, resulting in a wheel that is lighter, stronger, and more aerodynamic.
Hand-Built Kinetix Pro wheels are built by hand from start to finish by a single wheelsmith. The wheelsmith goes through at least three cycles of truing and spoke de-stressing before the wheel meets our rigorous standards.

Kinetix Pro X AERO


Tern fenders, Gray Pair

SKS produces the finest mudguards in the world in their Sundern, Germany factory. Silver Gray edition, limited supply ! Mini 20 mudguards are customized for Tern or Dahon's 20 inch wheel bikes and are made from their nearly indestructible chromeplastic material, adjustable stainless steel stays, and stainless hardwear.

SAVE 10 dlr on original price !

Tern Gray fenders, Pair

Crank Bros

Egg beater C, silver
small and light, great for foldies

Egg beater C

Crank Bros

Candy C, yellow
small and light, great for foldies

Candy C

Crank Bros

Candy SL, yellow
small and even lighter, great for foldies

Candy SL



Stronglight Alloy Chainwheel, 130 mm bolt circle, fits above crankset

We offer this high quality Chainwheel as an upgrade to existing cranksets. Be it as a replacement or as an upgrade to change your gearing.


Chainring Bolts SINGLE

Origin8 Single chainring bolts ALLOY

Replace your heavy steelbolts with these slick alloy ones
Set of 5 bolts and nuts

Chainring Bolts
Dahon vintage

Dahon Jetstream restore fork, 1350 grams, 110 mm headtube, 1 1/8 dia. 74 mm OLD
comes with a sealed bearing Ritchey Headset. Note: the rubber seal is mostly cosmetic, but it is torn and not the best quality !

This fork really works, great if you restore an older Jetstream or just want to add suspension to an existing bike.

Vintage Jetstream
Tern Fork

Tern Castro alloy 24 inches, 570 grams, 140 mm headtube, 1 1/8 dia. 74 mm OLD

Tern Castro Alloy fork
Trolley rack

Take Off... this is new but only half the price as I took it off a new bike. Transform your Tern LINK series ( except LinkC7 )for easy travel with the Trolley Rack. The included cover hides the bike and keeps you and other passengers grease-free.
ONLY Compatible with the Link-series of Tern bicycles.

Tow your folded Tern bike conveniently like a piece of luggage
Integrated cover protects from grease and grime
Bike seatpost and saddle function as a telescopic handle
Rack works with medium-sized side panniers and bags
Compatible with the BioLogic™ Commute™ Bag

Fits Tern Link D8, Link P9, Link P24h, Link D7i, Link P7i, and Link Uno bicycles
Capacity: 25 kg (55.1 lb)

Trolley rack


Alloy Bolt

Alloy Bolt 7075
Good Quality 7075 Alloy Waterbottle bolt, for many other uses. M4 x 180 mm

we sell them as PAIRS !!!

"Waterbottle Bolt "


Alloy Double Chainring bolts

Thunderwerks double chainring bolts in alloy, Black
whole set of 5 pair

Double Alloy chainring bolt set

real carbon spacer

Thunderwerks real Carbon spacer for aheadset type headsets
5 mm thin

the picture shows the 10 mm wide version!

5 mm thin carbon

real carbon spacer

Thunderwerks real Carbon spacer for aheadset type headsets
10 mm thick

10 mm thick carbon

Chain Plier

Pro Chain Plier
Unior made in Europe. A Pro Chainplier for 8 or 9 speed chains, makes quick work

Chain Plier

Lockring spanner

Lockring spanner
Unior Made in Europe
The wrench is used to remove and install bottom brackets Shimano XTR - FC - M960, XT FC-M 760, SAINT FC -M 800, RACE FACE X-TYPE, FSA MEGAE X, Truativ Giga X- Pipe without slippage or damage. The wrench has an additional feature to loosen the plastic pin of the bottom bracket.
material: special tool steel, hardened and tempered, surface finish: chrome plated according to EN12540
ergonomic heavy duty double component handle 615536

Pro Tool

36 mm open Headset spanner

Offset spanner
Unior Made in Europe
The design of the offset cone wrench enables working in difficult hard to reach places. This unique design is suitable for assembly and disassembly of nuts on Sun Tour handlebars. The new design enables higher torque and reduces physical effort. material: special tool steel, hardened and tempered, surface finish: chrome plated according to EN12540, double plastic dipped handles

36 mm open Headset spanner


IKU Halogen Light
This is a Dutch made front HALOGEN light 70 mm dia. and rear convential lightbulb. Comes with mounting.< br /> The front Halogen light has a capacitator, which makes it perfect for all generators,hub or wheel, or even any other 6 volt source, without burning up the light.

Pair Lights
PAIR $18.00
Dahon Mu LT 10

A mere 21 lbs, 10 speed Ultegra, Carbon fork, etc etc. Regular price 3399.00
ThorUSA for 1999.00 or a 1400.00 dlr savings

only 1 left
Sold Thanks

Dahon JIFO

Demo Jifo, this one is checked vip serviced, ready to ride with full warranty of course
save a cool $ 200 bucks

Dahon Jifo