folding bicycles
CAREFULL you are entering the "Garage Sale" area ....dont trip over boxes or bikes

Tern Verge P9 L

Tern flagship hydroformed frame, 9 gears, dynamo hub Joule3 , LED light Valo 2, fenders
ThorUSA exclusive


Only a handfull in the USA
Dahon Mu P 360 N with Belt drive

A Dahon Mu P 360 N with Nuvinci hub AND this one has a Gate Belt on top of that. The belt drive makes this already stunning bike phenominal.
ThorUSA exclusive

picture shows bike with chain, fenders and carrier. This bike has a Gates belt drive, NO fenders, NO carrier... ( of course I can add some for some extra $ )

ThorUSA Custom
Last one in the country
Tern Link Speedracer

heheh this is a real looker, and this modified Tern Link C7 is no longer a C7 but a Speedracer 8, lol

we started with a brandnew C7 took the handlepost off and replaced it with a black LOWER ( or shorter ) one, this will be perfect for a smaller built person but also very cool indeed for a bigger rider who prefers a more aero position. The Seatpost is black also and compliments the look, besides we have a sportier saddle on top. Than we took the regular wheels and replaced them with some ultra trick Kinetix Compe from a Verge Series bike. Black spokes and white painted rims are sure to impress, all shot with high performance Kojaks.
Adding a wider range 8 speed cassette and trick Shimano pushpull gear changers .... wooth woot ..
this bike looks as fast as it is
ThorUSA exclusive

One only !

New 30th year Ani Dahon
regular price is is 3000.00 dlr
This bike is new neer out of the box, well we inspected it and put it back of course.

Its gorgeous with all those high priced carbon bits on it.


SAVE $ 800.00 dlr!!!
Tern Eclipse Uno
( free shipping )

Tern introduced this model at the Eurobike. There are unfortunately no plans to have this bike available in the USA. Which is a shame as this bike is PERFECT to upgrade to make it even more special than it is. The bike comes as a one speed, or fixie as hipsters calling it. The gearing can be easily changed as the single sprocket is mounted to a regular cassette body. To make different chainlengths work the bottom bracket is eccentric. Of course you could make this a 20 speed bike it even has a front derrailleur hanger. Disc brakes are standard.

ThorUSA went out of his way to aquire TWO bikes, which will arrive in December 2014. I fully expect them to sell real quick.

Order and pay for your right now, and the first two will be guaranteed to have this awesome bike by end of the year. Estimated shipping time end of Dec 2014

The upgradeable dream
LAST one
One more !
Project Bike
( free shipping )

We start out with a Dahon Mu Uno.
We take the rear wheel and replace it with a Sram Automatic two speed coaster brake hub. Making it a Mu Duo, with the very cool automatic shifting !
Another one of a kind garage sale find.

check below if you want a disc brake and suspension fork with a little stronger yet front wheel !

will take 2 weeks to custom built

Mu Duo
inquire about availabilty
Project Bike
( free shipping )

We start out with a TERN Uno.
We take the rear wheel and replace it with a Sram Automatic two speed coaster brake hub. Making it a Tern Link Duo, with the very cool automatic shifting !

Another one of a kind garage sale find.

Tern DUO
ready to ship now
Project Bike
( free shipping )

We start out with a Dahon Mu Uno.
same as above BUT with Suntour Swing Suspension fork, Avid Disc brake, and handlaced 32 hole front disc wheel

a very cool bike indeed

Mu Duo SUspension
Custom built, allow 2 weeks
My Bike

Dahon Jetstream X 20
I built it for myself and plan to use it as well, however if somebody wants it bad enough I am willing to sell it

Its gorgeous, it started out with a Jetstream P 8 frame, but thats where the similarities of Dahon 1350 dlr bike ends.
Mine has a German A Kilo superlight fully adjustable fork, rear German A fully adjustable rear shock, Avid discs, custom light but heavy duty wheels, it has a 11-32 rear 10 speed cassette and a double 53/42 front ( giving a very usable gear range of 24.5-90 gear inches )
it might be the ONLY Jetstream with a rear carrier ( albeit small but super solid ) and and and ...

The bike as well as the parts are under full man ufacturers warranty of course.
no pictures... I am not in a hurry at this time to sell it :-)

JetStream X20
Tern P9 Wheels

Tern P 9 Wheelset
with 9 speed cassette 11-32 and Kojak Tires
These are brandnew take offs from a 2014 Tern Verge p9


get some fast wheels

Vigor 9 speed Wheelset
with 9 speed cassette and dahon Rotolo
These are brandnew take offs from a 2014 Dahon Vigor p9


wheelset bonanza
Dahon Fork

Dahon Fork alloy, 440 grams, 120 mm headtube, 1 1/8 dia. 74 mm OLD
this fork has the magnet receiver from a Magnetix system mounted, has a nifty headlamp bracket and line guides for a cable to feed a headlamp.
Get a Joule front generator wheel with this fork !

Dahon front fork
Dahon Fork

Dahon Fork Slipstream alloy, 530 grams, 110 mm headtube, 1 1/8 dia. 74 mm OLD
this fork has the magnet receiver from a Magnetix system mounted

Dahon front fork
Dahon vintage

Dahon Jetstream restore fork, 1350 grams, 110 mm headtube, 1 1/8 dia. 74 mm OLD
comes with a sealed bearing Ritchey Headset. Note: the rubber seal is mostly cosmetic, but it is torn and not the best quality !

This fork really works, great if you restore an older Jetstream or just want to add suspension to an existing bike.

Vintage Jetstream
Dahon Vigor

Dahon Fork Vigor alloy, 540 grams, 120 mm headtube, 1 1/8 dia. 74 mm OLD
this fork has the magnet receiver from a Magnetix system mounted
lower crown race installed, picture shows reflector, its NOT included.

Dahon front fork, Vigor
Tern Fork

Tern Castro alloy 24 inches, 570 grams, 140 mm headtube, 1 1/8 dia. 74 mm OLD

Tern Castro Alloy fork


Presta "French/Racing" Valve

Go "NO BOX" and enjoy BIG Savings

Schwalbe inner tube
No Box SV-7 = 20 x 1.5 -- 2.50 = 145 grams $ 6.00


Presta "French/Racing" Valve
No box !
Its a super deal, these were not available and used to sell for 14.00 dlr ! You SAVE

SV A-6 = 20 x 1 1/8 -- 1.5 = 65 grams $ 10.00
No box

Trolley rack

Take Off... this is new but only half the price as I took it off a new bike. Transform your Tern LINK series ( except LinkC7 )for easy travel with the Trolley Rack. The included cover hides the bike and keeps you and other passengers grease-free.
ONLY Compatible with the Link-series of Tern bicycles.

Tow your folded Tern bike conveniently like a piece of luggage
Integrated cover protects from grease and grime
Bike seatpost and saddle function as a telescopic handle
Rack works with medium-sized side panniers and bags
Compatible with the BioLogic™ Commute™ Bag

Fits Tern Link D8, Link P9, Link P24h, Link D7i, Link P7i, and Link Uno bicycles
Capacity: 25 kg (55.1 lb)

Trolley rack


Chainring Blowout

Stronglight made in France chainrings. I have all kinds of BCD ( Bolt Circle Diameter, measured in mm)
Check yours before you ordering the wrong one. Simplified 130 BCD is Shimano Road, 144 and 135 is Campagnolo, 110 some Suginos, and so on.
Go to the late Sheldon Brown website ( Harris Cyclery ) and find out how to measure the BCD if in quesion.
I have various quality and finishes, but I sell them all for an unbelievable low price. Generally speaking this is 50 to 80 percent off regular sale pricing.
Get yours and a couple spares as long as they are available. The 130 bcd in 55 and 54 teeth have ramps and pins, all others are regular



Coaster brake wheel

good replacement
Alloy black anodized rims with Shimano one speed Coaster brake hub. will fit Dahons and Terns with 120 OLD ( 120 mm inbetween the rear dropouts ) and many others.
NOTE : no sprocket will be included. Get your custom size at any bike store

Coaster wheel
Sram Automatix wheel

Alloy black anodized rims with Sram Automatix 2 speed hub. As the name implies its automatic and shifts upon reaching around 8 miles per hour into second gear. This is the FREEWHEEL version and there is NO braking when backpeddling. Will fit Dahons and Terns with 120 OLD ( 120 mm inbetween the rear dropouts ) and many others. Actually its just a tad wider than 120 mm but still fits easy between the dropout.
We also have 36 spokes in this handbuilt wheel. This and the double wall rims will make a bulletproof upgrade to any singlespeed bike.
Now you might have read on the Interweb that people change the shift speed. Well, I dont recomend that, its great to start the bike even on an uphill, and than it will shift swiftly into second.

Freewheel 2 speed wheel


Very special Pot Holders
Hand made very special Pot Holders, made by my mother :-). Every PAIR is just a little different.
When you check out you will have to pay 10 dlr for shipping, thats why I reduced the price to 10 dlr for the pair.
In other words you pay 20 dlr for the pair and I not only will pay the freight, but also donate 10 dlr per pair to Alzheimer research.
these make awesome gifts as well.


$ 10.00 ( plus 10 dlr shipping at checkout )
ThorUSA Custom MU

Custom black Mu
This is a bike I am building up to show my very cool carbon bits and a few other very nice items.
White custom Crankset with detachable pedal sleeves, now u can run regular pedals and still be able to remove them without tools, 2 sets of pedals ( Crank Bros eggbeaters clipless, regular MTB for tennis shoes) Stronglight Titanium BB, 18 gears,ThorUSA Double Mu adapters for front derrailleur, Shimano rear derrailleur on conversion Mu dropout, thick 31.8 dia bullhorn bar, Carbon wheels with aero spokes, Schwalbe Ultremos, Carbon Fork, Carbon Seatpost, and and and
The bike as well as the parts are under full warranty of course.
check it out here

Sold Thanks
ThorUSA Custom Jetstream EX

Custom black Jetstream EX
Jetstream EX was really never imported into the USA, but I happen to get my hands on a couple new frames and forks. And voila a very special Jetstream.

German A Kilo fork and rear Air suspension, fully adjustable of course.
Velocity rims with Formula hydraulic disc brakes
Sram XO derrailleur and X9 double tap shifter, 11 to 32 teeth rear 48 teeth front make moleshills out of hills
Big fat 20x2.15 big Apples, Carbon seatpost with Brooks saddle, Carbon Handlebar
Carbon decals to protect frame
This bike is so much nicer than the original EX, brandnew, and still 30 % less than the original
with all the goodies it weighs a mere 28 lbs !!!!
The bike as well as the parts are under full warranty of course.
check it out here

EX folks !!!
Sold, Thanks
ThorUSA Link P 18 custom

Custom Tern P 18
A black Tern P 9 converted over to a P 18
This Tern has a new sharktooth chainring, but thats not all, it features a Dual shift adapter, with a Shimano front derrailleur and nifty thumb shifter to shift the front sprockets.
AND it has superlight PRO wheels, wow with superfast Kojaks on it.
Loads of buck for the bang...Bike is ready, I have test ridden it and find it amazing, a gear ratio of 26- 95 makes this a superfast bike, which can be ridden effortless uphill as well.

Choose between original Tern Sport, Mens or Ladies SPORT Gel Saddle
check it out here

project Tern P 18
SOld, Thanks
slightly used Speed TT touring

Slightly used Speed TTT
24 gears on this Speed TT
The TT came with narrow tires and a short racy stem with a Bullhorn bar. This bike is slightly different, has all the cool lightweight parts from a Speed TT, but big comfy Big Apples, a nice velvet saddle on a Kore seatpost, a great swept back Handlebar on a height adjustable Stem.
A customer bought this bike couple years back, but really never used it. I sell it on consignement for him. Of course everything is checked out and in perfect working order.
This bike is light, has the original SRAM 3 x 8 speed internal hub, rides nice and upright, without being slow.

The price given is already very competitive and reflects the scratches on the latch. fork and crankset. (Nothing serious, which could not be fixed with some paint from the hobby store )

check it out here

Speed TT - T
Helios XX

Helios XX
Only 300 of these were made and these are a true collector item, besides its sub 20 lbs ! and rides nice.
This is the 20th aniversary model from Dahon. most parts are original, like the Carbonlite Handlebar and Seatpost, some others have been replaced, like the Fizik dolomiti saddle.Of course it has new tires, new bumpers in the suspension hub as well.

check it out here

91 of 300

Tern Link D8 SL :-)

Link D8 SL
Link D8 8 speed, comes with ALloy fork, Pro S Kinetix wheels, Kojak tires, no carrier or fenders, but we want to keep her LIGHT.

Free shipping

Super Leggero

Tern Link DUO

Link Link Duo
Link Duo, this is a bike which doesnt exist in the Tern Lineup, but it should. Yes it has the great automatic rear 2 speed hub.
Before it became a DUO this UNO was returned from a customer ( lack of funds .... yes it happens ) The bike has a small scuffmark on the fork, but nothing serious and its never ridden and I went through it with a fine comb. Of course full waranty and that new bike smell !
If you consider that the Tern Verge DUo is 1000 dlr retail, this bike is a steal.

Free shipping

Link Duo
now sold, Thanks

Dahon Hammerhead

Slightly used Dahon 07 Hammerhead
Dahon introduced their midtown series in 07 with some exiting compact mini bikes. Dont let the wheelsize fool you, these are fast and furious racers. Equipped with Shimano 105 brifters, 14 gears with a wide spread ...
These are NON foldable, but the early versions just like this one came with a coveted German A suspension fork.
The bike came in two sizes.. this is the MED one suitable for persons 5.6 and taller...all the way up to 6.2 ( or 165 cm to 188 cm )
this bike was used by a Lady, whose bikeshop had no idea to size this bike correctly, the fork was installed backwards the bullhorn bars where standing straight up, the very nifty adjustable NVO stem was installed backwards... she might have ridden this bike for 5 miles total.
Your chance to get a real cool and rare bike !!!
Free shipping


NoName Airporter Suitcase
( free shipping )

The perfect suitcase for the rigors of airline travel. The Airporter is a semi hard-sided suitcase with plenty of protective internal padding. It is large enough to fit any of our 16" or 20" bikes when folded. It will also accept our 24" and 26" bikes with the wheels removed and placed inside next to the folded frame. The Airporter features rugged straps and zippers and bomb-proof in-line skate wheels.

The Airporter suitcase has a measurement of 73 linear inches. However the airlines have set a limit of 62 linear inches. This may mean that you will be charged an oversize luggage fee. We have traveled extensively with the Airporter suitcase,and fortunately, as yet, have not been charged for having oversize luggage. It largely depends on which airline you use and how strictly they enforce the baggage size rules. Another factor that may play a part depends on which routes you fly. If you are flying to some popular tourist destinations, security may be heightened and more attention will be paid to the size of your luggage.
Note : This suitcase has NO bicycle labels on it, which makes it universal, plus it doesnt "trip" the Airlines off to charge for a bicycle !!!

Dimensions: 690mm (26") x 850mm (33.5") x 350mm (13.75") Linear inches: 73.25" Weight: 9.5 Kg (22 lbs.)

*Suitable for all 16", 20" and 24" 26" bikes.

NoName Airporter free shipping

Dahon Dry T

Dahon Dry Wicking T shirt, short arms. in L ....
Its not as nice as the top of the line wicking shirts available for 50 dlr and up.
Its MUCH nicer than the 20 dlr Walmart so-called tech shirts.
I only carry the L size, which fits normal built large somewhat, but works great for somebody who wears Medium
I offer a screaming deal for these classy looking shirts

Blue Dry T

Alloy Double Chainring bolts

Thunderwerks double chainring bolts in alloy, Black
whole set of 5 pair

Double Alloy chainring bolt set

real carbon spacer

Thunderwerks real Carbon spacer for aheadset type headsets
5 mm thin

the picture shows the 10 mm wide version!

5 mm thin carbon

real carbon spacer

Thunderwerks real Carbon spacer for aheadset type headsets
10 mm thick

10 mm thick carbon

Dahon JIFO

Demo Jifo, this one is checked vip serviced, ready to ride with full warranty of course
save a cool $ 200 bucks

Dahon Jifo

Speed DUO

Dahon Speed DUO
One off, a brandnew Speed DUO .... this bike doesnt exists, but it sure should be in Dahons Lineup. You get a brandnew Speed (Uno) but with Sturmey Archer Kickback 2 speed hub laced to a SUn RIngle Rhyno Lite alloy rim with 36 spokes, We also put a nice all alloy Kinetix crank on it, and changed the chainring to a more moderate 46 teeth. ALso alloy of course. This changes the one speed Uno into something much more desirable, due to the smaller front chainring you can now conquer even steep hills in the first gear of the hub, but with the second gear engaged the bike has just fast enough gearing to make it go down the hill with easy as well.
One speed bikes are always somewhat of a problem to me, as they dont climb very good, have sluggish accelaeration and spin out too easy when it gets downhill. This bike does all of this with ease.
Free shipping as usual !

Speed Duo

SOLD, Thanks


Tern Demo sale
Save big bucks on a 'almost' new Tern. These have been used as a bike demo ( Display only NOT ridden, except by me to check them out, before I send them) There is nothing wrong with them. Nothing which will dampen your enthusiams about getting a new bike. Yes it has the new bike smell still. Furthermore its fully warrantied and has received the ( 50 DLr worth ) VIP treatment, so you can ride it right out of the box. Note that the shipping carton is not original, but outmost care and packing material is used to protect the bikes
Free shipping as usual !
I have only a handfull of these screaming deals and they are going fast. First come first serve, if you are second in line with your checkout, and the bike is sold I will of course, right away refund your payment.

Dont wait these will run out very

all sold


Tern Link D8 White
regular price is is 700.00 dlr
This bike is almost new, used as a demo for one weekend

Great Find, again double checked, maybe a small scratch but nothing really obvious. Yes, it still has the new bike smell

The bike as well as the parts are under full warranty of course.

sorry sold
ThorUSA Custom Jack

Custom black Large Frame Jack WITH SUSPENSION FORK
regular Jack with an added suspension fork
Get a Jack with a suspension fork for lower $ than a regular one ! Only at ThorUSA :-)
The bike as well as the parts are under full warranty of course.
Regular Jack
Bigger Pic of Jack
Suspension fork
Adjust Stem, Cockpit

suspended Jack
sold, thanks
ThorUSA Curve Automatic

Custom Curve
A 16 inch Curve with no nonsense parts and a Sram 2 speed Automatic hub.
This is the much prefered freewheel version with NO kickback brake, but two powerful v brakes.
This bike features the Sram Automic hub and 36 hole rim in the back. Pump Post 2 Seatpost and on the fly adjustbale Andros Stem make this Curve a winner for everybody who needs a little more room, or prefers a more upright riding position. The bike has a low gear to be able to climb steep hills and if you get going automatically shifts into second gear. The shift point is low, to start rolling with ease. Second gear will not allow you to go as fast as a regular foldie, but fast enough not to spin out going 15 miles an hour. The perfect gearing for a leisurly ride.
I can see this bike on a boat pulling a trailer to haul water/gas/groceries.

Low gear inches are 25 and second gear is 35, this is exactly how I want this for a bike which can climb, or start rolling with a trailer attached.

Choose between Mens or Ladies Comfort Gel Suspension Saddle, or Sport Gel Saddle

project Curve


Chain Plier

Pro Chain Plier
Unior made in Europe. A Pro Chainplier for 8 or 9 speed chains, makes quick work

Chain Plier

Lockring spanner

Lockring spanner
Unior Made in Europe
The wrench is used to remove and install bottom brackets Shimano XTR - FC - M960, XT FC-M 760, SAINT FC -M 800, RACE FACE X-TYPE, FSA MEGAE X, Truativ Giga X- Pipe without slippage or damage. The wrench has an additional feature to loosen the plastic pin of the bottom bracket.
material: special tool steel, hardened and tempered, surface finish: chrome plated according to EN12540
ergonomic heavy duty double component handle 615536

Pro Tool

36 mm open Headset spanner

Offset spanner
Unior Made in Europe
The design of the offset cone wrench enables working in difficult hard to reach places. This unique design is suitable for assembly and disassembly of nuts on Sun Tour handlebars. The new design enables higher torque and reduces physical effort. material: special tool steel, hardened and tempered, surface finish: chrome plated according to EN12540, double plastic dipped handles

36 mm open Headset spanner

Plier Set

Pro Chain Plier
No 445 Slip joint Plier 240 mm long ( 10 inches ) 35 mm wide grip 370 grams

material: special tool steel
drop forged, entirely hardened and tempered
head polished
surface finish: chrome plated to standard EN12540
heavy duty double - component handles
grooved joint
jaw aperture adjustable in 5 positions by dim. 180, by dim. 240 and 300 in 6 positions
made according to standard ISO 8976

No 430 Grip Pliers 250 mm long , 35 mm wide grip 590 grams

jaws drop forged from special tool steel, entirely hardened and tempered
handles made from sheet metal
surface finish: nickel plated
screw phosphated

Plier Set


IKU Halogen Light
This is a Dutch made front HALOGEN light 70 mm dia. and rear convential lightbulb. Comes with mounting.
The front Halogen light has a capacitator, which makes it perfect for all generators,hub or wheel, or even any other 6 volt source, without burning up the light.

Pair Lights
PAIR $18.00

BioLogic Velvet saddle

The long awaited .... W I D E R .... SDG compatible seat. The velvet has much thicker padding and is wider, compared to the sporty I-Beam seat specified on some Dahon bikes. This is an I-Beam seat and will only fit on I-Beam Seatposts.

BioLogic Velvet saddle

Kore IBeam Saddle

new take off all black Kore I beam seatpost, this seatpost is sporty but not as narrow as SDG saddles, a nice upgrade for older I beam (SDG) equipped bikes.
Tts light with 239 grams, and its 140 mm wide ( 5 1/2 inches). Has a nice groove and a wider than usual front. These saddles are usually in the 50 dlr range, a real good buy for a sporty rider. Not as wide as the velvet but still pretty comfy.

Kore Saddle Race

Dahon Buff

Wear it up; wear it down; the versatile Dahon Head Sleeve can be worn in many different ways to protect you from cold or sun. It functions as a do-rag, neck gaiter, under helmet sweat wicker or sun protection for your face on sweltering days. Made from a fast-wicking polyester with built-in stretch for comfort.

Dahon Buff