folding bicycles

Tern Luggage Truss

Attach bags, baskets, and racks to the front of a Tern with the Luggage Truss. Attaching cargo to the frame of a bike rather than the fork or handlebars eliminates negative effects on steering. Fabricated from extruded aluminum, the Luggage Truss is extremely stiff and can hold loads up to 7 kg (15 lb). Features a KLICKfix™ quick-release connector so you can attach and detach bags at the push of a button.

•Compatible with KLICKfix™ handlebar adapter systems
•Integrated key lock to prevent theft
•Patented KLICKfix technology
•Capacity: 7 kg (15.4 lb)

second picture features a Kanga Rack. Please order seperatedly.

lockable Luggage Truss

$ 39.95

BioLogic Hold-all Basket

The HoldAll basket is a simple, convenient way to carry your stuff. The KLICKfix™ quick-release bracket lets you pop off the basket when you need to and the basket mounts to the frame of your bicycle so it doesn’t affect steering like typical handlebar- or fork-mounted baskets. Hand-woven from recycled PE. Works with most 20” and 24” bicycles.

•Compatible with KLICKfix™ handlebar adapter systems
•Stiff and durable aluminum frame
•Wrapped handle for comfortable grip
•Works with the Tern Luggage Truss (sold separately)or other Klickfix attachments
•16 L (976 cu inch) volume / 7 kg (15.4 lb) load capacity

BioLogic basket
$ 47.00
BioLogic Commute Bag

The BioLogic Commute Bag gets your stuff to wherever you’re going, dry and protected. It’s made from tough, waterproof TPU fabric and features welded seams and a roll-top design so water can’t get inside. Attaching the Commute bag to a compatible Tern or BioLogic rack is a breeze: set it on the rack, slide it, and the KLICKfix bracket clicks into place.
For taller, heavier loads, the patented 3Point™ shoulder strap converts into additional support straps that keep your load in place even if you’re swerving through traffic. The inside of the bag features soft, thick padding – perfect for a 13” laptop and a change of clothes. Two side mesh pockets are sized for an iPad or gloves mini pump.
Quality seat belt webbing straps
3M reflective decals for safety
Compatible with BioLogic Portage racks, Tern Trolley rack, and racks using the KLICKfix Rackpack system
Capacity: 14 L (854 cu inch) / 10 kg (22 lb)

Commute Bag
$ 99.00
BioLogic Tour Bag

The Tour Bag is a quality, waterproof bag that connects directly to the Tern Luggage Truss (sold separately). Because the Tour Bag connects to the frame of the bicycle (as opposed to the handlebars), it doesn’t affect steering. The Tour Bag can be quickly taken off the bike with an easy-to-use KLICKfix™ quick release and used as a shoulder bag with an included shoulder strap.

TPU fabric with welded seams keeps water out
Attachable shoulder strap for easy carrying
Multiple inside pockets
3M reflective decals
Works with the Tern Luggage Truss (sold separately)
5 L (305 cu inch) volume / 7 kg (15.4 lb) load capacity
Built for Tern

$ 99.00

NEW CADDY horizontal mount

This is for all Dahon bikes which do not have the frame mount. Clamps to any tube with a diameter from 25 mm to 36 mm. It works really well on the handlepost OR on the seatpost. This adapter makes the use of the Shopper or the Doggy a breeze as it has enough clearance.



Kanga Rack

This is the coolest Klickfix accessory hands down. Its a rack which will allow you to strap all kinds of existing stuff to your bike.
due to 2 mountings it fits a small bike as well as one with more fender clearance.

comes with handy straps to hold almost everything

Kanga Vario


Willow basket

Stylish but also a very functional natural willow basket. With handle and a chrome bracket especially for the KLICKfix handlebar adapter. For easy shopping, click and take it off the bike. No tools necessary. Don't forget to order either the frame adapter handlebar or the rear seatpost extender to be able to mount this basket.

Size (w/d/h): 40x30x31cm, 18L, 1250g
Will also work with the Dahon Truss frame adapter

Willow Basket
This is very stylish and functional

Beige Deluxe Shopper

same as the regular shopper but in a deluxe way. Everything is just a little nicer.

Shopper Beige Deluxe
$ 76.00
very Limited Edition

Beige deluxe Matchpack

same as the black one above, but in a deluxe version with extra padding, colored piping,extra pockets, everything is a little nicer than the regular one.

Beige Matchpack

$ 79.00
only ONE left