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Hello friends,

Our mission statement is clear. You, the customer, have many choices. We appreciate your business and want you on our side. Maybe even talk positive about us and refer us to a friend.


We love you to visit us. You can testride most Dahon bikes ( indoors in bad weather ! ).

Peruse our large selection of folder specific accessories, get your bike fixed or checked out, and always find a hot coffee!

Pricematching. Some Dahon Dealers do it we don't. Our prices are usually very much in line with competitors prices published on the internet, but we have the bikes in stock, you can ride them here and test them. Not to mention that we have more spare parts than anybody.

If you google for Dahon Service you will find us leading the pack.

However, we are making mistakes here and there and if you find a horrendously overpriced bike on our pages, and you have a couple folks who sell the same bikes with substantial savings, than please dont hesitate and call us. It might be nothing more than a simple typo ! Or it might be a complete different bike all together. Worth the call to find out.

Thank You


Thorsten Schaette


3550 North Union Drive
Olney,Il 62450

Tel. 800 222 8356
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Fax. 618 393 2956